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Door Installation Los Angeles

Simply put, we are door installation experts. Although there are many types of doors, most installation jobs are either replacing the door only, or replacing the door along with the entire frame(jamb). We do both of the these door installations in the Los Angeles area. 


I work on pocket doors, commercial steel doors, sliding closet doors, interior swinging door and exterior entry doors. Whatever you need, I can make the assessment, provide the door or help you source it, and in most cases I can deliver the door as well. I'll walk you through the whole process so you know exactly what to expect and what it will cost.

Call for a free consultation

During our phone conversation, I will be able to assess whether you need to replace or repair your door, and it helps speed the process when you text or email photos. in most cases, I can quote prices over the phone.  

Door replacement

Depending on the type of door you need, I can either purchase one and deliver it, or I can guide you through the door purchasing process based on your needs. I'll make sure you get the door and I'll be ready to install it.

Door Repairs Los Angeles

If it's possible to repair a door or the related parts, we can do it. Don't trust door installation or door repair to a handyman or someone who thinks "I can probably figure it out." Doors are tricky. I have the experience. I have the door knowledge, and I have the skill to repair doors effectively. I'm also easy to do business with and I show up on time. 

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